Concrete Tilt Panel Detailing

As a complement to our Steel Detailing services we are also capable of providing drawings for Tilt Panels. When contracted to provide this in addition to the steel drawings, it not only decreases the schedule but greatly increases accuracy and eliminates coordination issues and field work.

As well as steel detailing services, we also provide all necessary drawings, reports and data files to efficiently layout your panel beds. If you’re engaged in a construction project with a combination of steel and tilt panels, it only makes sense to use us as your one-stop-construction-modelling-shop.

If you’ve been involved in similar projects in the past, you will be aware of how troublesome interfacing steel and tilt panels can be. Having both done by us will ensure the steel and panel connections will fit.

Combine the increased accuracy with the ease of dealing with one company rather than two and we see lots of repeat business from developers.